Pita Bite Crackers

Pita Bite Crackers April 28th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Trader Joe's Pita Bite Crackers are little bites that have had their fair share of time in the limelight. We've heard people singing their praises with phrases like "best cracker ever" and "oh-so-much-more than just a cracker", and "I cannot stop eating these crackers!” We realized recently, though, that while these crackers have successfully sold in our stores for more than six years, we've never taken the opportunity to feature them in a Flyer.  That time has finally come.

Pita Bite Crackers are small pita rounds that are dusted with sea salt and baked 'til they're captivatingly crunchy.  That's all.  Yet they've achieved cracker excellence, made themselves indispensible, and carved out their own spot in the cracker hall of fame (breaking ground soon, we're sure, somewhere). They really do taste just like little pita breads, only really crunchy. Excellent with cheeses, dips, and spreads, they also make creative carriers for lunch options like chicken salad or egg salad.

We're selling each six ounce box of Trader Joe's Pita Bite Crackers for $2.69.  And you won't find them anywhere other than your neighborhood Trader Joe's.

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