Dark Chocolate Roasted Pistachio Toffee

Dark Chocolate Roasted Pistachio ToffeeApril 28th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Let's begin with the toffee - a very good place to start.  As with all good toffee, the most important ingredient is the butter.  In our Dark Chocolate Roasted Pistachio Toffee, only fresh, Grade A butter is used. It's melted slowly over an open fire in old fashioned copper kettles, blended with pure cane sugar and real vanilla extract, and heated until it takes on a golden brown hue and its flavor and texture reach that stage we call "perfection".

Once the toffee has become "toffee", it's cut into squares and - we love this part - drenched in smooth dark chocolate.  Delish. If that were the end of this sweet story, we'd be satiated.  But there's more to this tale.  When the chocolate is still warm, the chocolate-toffee pieces are rolled in ground, lightly roasted, California-grown pistachios. They add a slightly green hue to the confection, and their nutty flavor is an excellent complement to the rich chocolate and buttery toffee within.

We're selling each 7.5 ounce tub of kosher certified Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Roasted Pistachio Toffee for $3.99, every day.

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