Reduced Guilt Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip

Reduced Guilt Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt DipApril 28th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

For the sake of brevity (not that anyone's ever accused us of that), for the remainder of this Fearless Flyer article, this product will be referred to as RGS&KGYD.  By limiting the number of words we allocate to the name of the product, we can ensure ample space for the words to describe and praise said product.

Trader Joe's RGS&KGYD is a downright delicious, low fat, low calorie dip made with low fat Greek yogurt - it has 50% less fat and calories than typical spinach dip made with sour cream.  It's packed with kale, spinach, water chestnuts, red peppers, carrots, green onions, garlic and other seasonings, with mayo for extra smoothness and just a touch of agave nectar to boost the sweetness a bit.  It's a natural dip for fresh vegetable crudités or crackers and a superstar on sandwiches - whether it's turkey & cheese, piled high roast beef or an abundance of roasted vegetables. 

RGS&KGYD is made exclusively for us, so you'll find it only in the refrigerated case at your neighborhood Trader Joe's, where we're selling a 16 ounce tub for the excellent everyday price of $3.99.

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