Skipjack Tuna

Skipjack Tuna April 28th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Trader Joe's Skipjack Tuna in Water is caught the old fashioned way, with actual fishing poles.  This method is called, in the fishing biz, "pole caught".  (Come to think of it, it's called that anywhere someone's ever thought to attach a line to a pole and catch a fish.) The single-line fishing poles that are used to catch these fish ensure that the fish are caught one at a time, and on the off chance any unintended species are caught, they can easily be released back into the ocean (much of the world's tuna catch is caught in nets, which results in large amounts of unintended catch, and also makes it difficult to release them back into the water).

Skipjack Tuna (scientific name, Katsuwonus pelamis) get their name because they swim close to the surface and seem to "skip" out of the water. They're smaller, and they mature more quickly than most tuna.  In flavor and texture, they're similar to yellowfin tuna, with pale pink, flaky "light" meat and a mild flavor. You'll often find Skipjack packed in soy broth - this is a little trick that "pumps up" the fish, adding weight that isn't really there.  Not here. Trader Joe's Skipjack is packed in water, with a bit of sea salt.  Using the same size can as the other guys, we can pack in more actual tuna, which means you get more rich, meaty, Skipjack Tuna for your tuna salads, sandwiches, melts, and maybe even casseroles (tuna noodle casserole has to make a comeback at some point, right?)

We're selling five ounce cans of Trader Joe's Skipjack Tuna in Water for $1.49 each, every day. You'll find them in our grocery aisle.

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