Organic Brown Rice & Quinoa Fusilli Pasta

Organic Brown Rice & Quinoa Fusilli PastaApril 28th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Sometimes we know exactly what we want when we set out to develop a new product.  And sometimes we think we know exactly what we want, but discover along the way that what we thought we wanted wasn't really what we wanted at all.  Such was the case when we decided to develop a "quinoa pasta".

Given the plethora of (very expensive) "quinoa pasta" options available in some markets, we figured there must be a wide panoply of really good, quinoa-loaded pasta out there.  Turns out, we were wrong.  We really did have to reinvent the wheel - or in this case, the corkscrew - to make this happen.  When we started tasting the "quinoa pasta" available in markets, we found a few interesting things. First of all, most of them had very little quinoa - quinoa percentages in the single digits were common findings in our research. And secondly, we just didn't like the way most of them tasted. They tended toward the bland, without much of the toothiness you get from good pasta.

Needless to say, we knew that we wanted more quinoa in our pasta.  After all, if it was going to have quinoa in the name, it needed a significant amount of quinoa.  Pretty simple, right? So we tested and tasted and tasted and tested again. And we found our sweet spot with a blend of 20% organic quinoa flour and 80% organic brown rice flour. Any more quinoa and everything turned to mush. The 80/20 ratio delivers nutty, hearty flavor and firm, al dente texture. It's gluten free, certified kosher and delivers five grams of protein in every serving. Serve it anywhere you'd normally serve pasta - with red sauce and meatballs, or in a pasta salad with fresh veggies, it's a great alternative to ordinary pasta. We're selling a 16 ounce bag for $2.99, every day - that's a whole lot less than you'll pay elsewhere for smaller packages of pasta made with significantly less quinoa.  You’'l find it in our grocery aisle.

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