Arrabiata Sauce

Arrabiata SauceApril 28th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Soffrito is an Italian word that is anaolgous to the French mirepoix. It is a mix of three aromatics that are used to give a dish its base - these combinations are commonly called "holy trinities" in the kitchen - each ingredient needs the contributions of the other two in order for the finished dish to achieve its flavor potential.  In Trader Giotto's Arrabiata Sauce, the soffritto is made up of sweet onions, piquant garlic, and spicy chili peppers - a venerable trio.

When the soffritto has been sauteed sufficiently in extra virgin olive oil, our supplier adds vine-ripened tomatoes and roasted red peppers, then simmers the sauce slowly, in small batches, allowing the full flavors of the fruit (tomatoes are fruits, remember), vegetables, and spices to shine.   And while the Italian word Arrabiata translates, in English, to "angry", we don't think this sauce will provoke anger.  To the contrary, we’re quite certain a smile will emerge with each slightly spicy bite of Trader Giotto's Arrabiata.

Try Trader Giotto's Arrabiata Sauce with our Organic Brown Rice & Quinoa Fusilli Pasta.  It also makes a very flavorful lasagna.  Simmer seafood in this sensational sauce for a spicy seafood stew.  A medley of Italian sausages, onions & bell peppers, cooked slowly in Arrabiata Sauce, is a super sandwich filling and satisfying pizza topping.  Also super satisfying is our price of $3.29 for each 25 ounce jar.  Nothing to be angry about here.


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