Organic Superfood Pilaf

Organic Superfood PilafApril 28th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

We've noticed that some folks take the word "superfood" lightly.  They use it for things that really aren't super at all.  Kind of like all those "supergroups" from the '80s that really weren't super (we won't name names).  We don't take the word "super" lightly, whether it's being used to describe food or music, so you can believe us when we say Trader Joe's Organic Superfood Pilaf is super, in every way.

First, it's made with true superfoods.  Organic quinoa is our grain of choice, both for its stage presence - we've used the tri-color variety, so there's plenty of color - and its nutritional charisma.  The quinoa is joined by organic sweet potatoes, which are not only vivid in color, but rich in nutrients like vitamin A and beta carotene, as well.  Organic kale is a major player here, too, bringing with it its deep green leaves, earthy flavor, and plenty of vitamins C, K and B6.  And let's not forget the carrots, beta carotene dynamos that are always sweet to eat.  This blend makes a super side dish, super vegetarian entrée, and is super convenient - just heat for a few quick minutes and enjoy.

Organic Superfood Pilaf really is super, filled with certifiable superfoods, super satisfying in flavor and texture, and with the super value price of $3.99 for each 16 ounce bag.  Interestingly, you won't find it in any supermarket - it's only at your neighborhood Trader Joe's.  You'll find it in our freezer case.

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