Organic Whole Figs

Organic Whole FigsApril 28th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

We've been considering adding figs to our frozen fruit section for quite some time, but it was only recently that we found a frozen fig worth featuring. Trader Joe's Organic Whole Figs are Smyrna figs from Turkey, and they're sweet & juicy, just as figs should be. 

Freezing the figs just after harvest seals in their "just picked" flavor, for sure, but we'd be disingenuous if we claimed their texture remained the same as well. It doesn't. When thawed from their frozen state, they're significantly softer than freshly harvested fruit - and while this may at first seem like a detriment, we've found that there are benefits to this change in texture. We like the softer texture for making smoothies - it's definitely easier for blenders to incorporate the figs into your drinks when they start out a little softer. These Organic Whole Figs are also excellent for sauces and jams, are easy to poach for dessert preparations, and excellent on a pizza with blue cheese and arugula (definitely thaw them first when making pizza).  We enjoy them partially frozen (or partially thawed, depending on your point of view), when they're cold enough to provide a little "bite", and soft enough to eat in copious quantities. 

We're selling each 16 ounce bag of Organic Whole Figs for $2.79, every day. We've tasted conventionally grown frozen figs with far less flavor than ours, selling for significantly more, so we know these are an excellent value. You'll find them in our freezer case.

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