Shaved Manchego Cheese

Shaved Manchego CheeseApril 28th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Produced exclusively in Spain's La Mancha region, Manchego is a sheep's milk cheese that's been produced for hundreds of years (Cervantes mentioned it in his Don Quixote), and is still crafted exclusively from the whole milk of the region's Manchega sheep, according to strict, traditional methods.  For our Shaved Manchego, we've veered away from tradition a bit.  You could say we've shaved off a few layers of that tradition.

Trader Joe's Shaved Manchego is just that; traditionally-crafted, six-months-aged, whole milk Manchego, shaved into very thin slices/strips, and packed in a resealable tub.  It's a convenient way to include the firm-but-not-dry texture and earthy, sharp, nutty taste of Manchego in your meals, in potentially surprising ways.  You can add Shaved Manchego to pizzas, salads, soups, hot pasta dishes, and cold pasta salads.  Lay shaved pieces atop roasted asparagus or caramelized pears.  Or pile it high on a platter with Marcona Almonds and Spanish olives for a tantalizing tapas tray.  Take out what you need, replace the lid on the tub, and use it again the next day. 

We're selling each five ounce tub of Shaved Manchego Cheese for $3.99, every day, a fantastic value price.  You'll find it in our cheese case.

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