Light Organic String Cheese

Light Organic String CheeseApril 28th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Trader Joe's Light Organic String Cheese is made just for us by a 4th generation, family-owned cheese company located in the heart of Wisconsin's cheese country.  They use part skim mozzarella made from organic milk collected from a cooperative of 100 organic Wisconsin dairy farmers, all located within easy driving distance from the cheese making facility. Using techniques honed over generations and refined over 30 years of focusing on mozzarella, they produce string cheese with super smooth, mild, mozzarella flavor. These one ounce pieces make great snacks on their own or combined with apples or grapes for a more "grown-up" snack-time treat.  They also have 50% less fat and 25% fewer calories than our regular Organic String Cheese. 

We're selling Light Organic String Cheese in a nine ounce package (nine cheese sticks) for $4.99 - we've seen six ounce packages of comparable string cheese selling for this price or higher.  This is top-quality organic cheese at a price that screams value. 

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