Peaberry Coffee from Kenya

Peaberry Coffee from Kenya April 28th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

We are big fans of peaberry coffee.  Peaberry beans are a rarity in any given coffee crop - about 5% of every coffee crop - and occur when only one bean develops inside the coffee cherry instead of two.  Instead of two beans with a round side and a flat side, peaberries develop into an oval shape, and because they are alone inside the coffee "cherry", they develop a remarkable concentration  of flavor, for which they are prized. We've made it our business to find different, full flavored peaberry coffees from all over the world, and when you see one on our shelves, it's a limited, special one-time buy. In most cases, we bought out the whole crop!

The Peaberry in our stores right now hails from Kenya, where it's grown in the acidic soils of Mt. Kenya's high plateaus.   Kenyan coffees are known for their robust, complex flavors, and this Peaberry is no exception.  We've given Trader Joe's Peaberry Coffee from Kenya a medium roast, which brings out its medium-full body, intense flavor and luxuriant, wine-toned acidity.  Start your day with a cup of Peaberry from Kenya and we promise, you'll feel wonderfully sophisticated all day long. 

We're selling Trader Joe's Peaberry Coffee from Kenya for the terrific price of $7.99 for each 13 ounce can of whole beans, while it lasts.

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