Sliced Black Olives

Sliced Black OlivesMarch 17th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

We have more varieties of olives on our shelves than you can shake a branch at (we know, bad grammar, but give us credit for good use of idiom…). Good olives are hard to resist, so when we find olives we love, we bring them in. And olives are excellent on pizza, providing good balance to sweet sauces and savory cheeses. You can use any kind of olives on your pizza - we're partial to our Sliced Black Olives.

Trader Joe's Sliced Black Olives are grown and harvested in California, home to some of the world's best-tasting olives.  Pitted, sliced and ready to use, you can just drain them and scatter them atop your pizza.  We like them paired with either our Sausage-less Italian Sausage or Sweet Italian Style Chicken Sausage. They're also delightful in pastas, chicken dishes, enchiladas, salads, and omelets.

We're selling each 3.8 ounce (drained weight) can of Trader Joe's Sliced Black Olives for $1.19.  You'll find them in our grocery aisle.   


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