Raw Pignolias

Raw PignoliasMarch 17th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Pine nuts have been part of the diet in some Asian and European cultures for thousands of years, dating back to the Paleolithic era.  They are grown around the world, in climates that are friendly to the various species of pine trees from which they come.  Trader Joe's Raw Pignolias (Pine Nuts) are from the pinus sibirica (Siberian Pine) in Russia.  Famous for their important role in Italian pesto, they're also used in baking (Pignoli cookies!) and lend a distinctive nutty flavor to pasta, poultry, and salads.

It's very easy to include Raw Pignolias on your pizza!  Just sprinkle them on before you bake - they'll complement most other ingredients you might add, and pair especially well with our Red Chili Pepper and Mini Meatballs.  Toast them lightly before using for an even more intense flavor experience. 

We're selling each eight ounce bag of Raw Pignolias (Pine Nuts) for $7.99.  You'll find them in our nut & dried fruit section.  (After opening, store the nuts in the fridge or freezer in an air tight container - they'll stay fresh longer that way.)

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