Marinated Artichokes

Marinated Artichokes March 17th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Often thought of as vegetables, artichokes are actually the flower buds of a large, perennial thistle plant that produces bright purple flowers. If you have the patience to pull apart the artichoke's thorny outer leaves, you are rewarded with the tender "heart". We're willing to wager that patience is a virtue many of us lack - our patience is often limited to the time it takes to open jars.

Thankfully, we're in the reward business here at Trader Joe's. We think you should be rewarded just for walking through our doors - rewarded with great tasting foods at great prices. And so we present Trader Joe's Marinated Artichokes. Starting with artichokes harvested in Peru - these are the hearts, cut, cleaned, cooked, and marinated in vegetable oil, salt, vinegar, and spices. It's easy to love these hearts, especially on a pizza. Try them on our Organic Pizza Crusts with Grilled Chicken Strips and Crumbled Blue Cheese. We heart this combo.

We're selling each 12 ounce jar (8.1 ounces drained weight) of Marinated Artichokes for $2.69, every day.  We heart value, too.







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