Tarte aux Champignons

Tarte aux ChampignonsMarch 17th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

In times past, some have cast doubt on Trader Joe's Tarte aux Champignons as a true pizza.  We'll admit that we've been in that camp ourselves on more than one occasion - we did, after all, label it a Tarte.  However, upon close inspection (requiring careful tasting, of course), there is no denying that Tarte aux Champignons is a pizza of the highest order. 

Our Tarte aux Champignons starts with a thin, crisp, crust with hand-braided edges, topped with crème fraîche and a luxuriously rich Emmental cheese sauce.  But wait, we're just getting started.  The stars of this tarte are the 'shrooms, and they're here in abundance.  Porcini, Paris, Oyster, Shiitake and Boletus mushrooms - bursting with intense, woody, earthy, flavors - elevate this flatbread to its deserved level of distinction.  A dusting of Parmesan cheese balances the flavors to perfection.  Sliced into easy-to-carry pieces, it's a perfect appetizer for parties; paired with a simple salad, it's an exquisite dinner for two.  Whether you choose to call it a flatbread, a pizza, or a tarte, you can bring home its swoon-inducing flavors for the tremendous value price of $3.99 for each 9.45 ounce Tarte.  You'll find it in our freezers.

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