Tandoori Naan

Tandoori NaanMarch 17th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

When you're craving the flavors of India, but you just don't want to leave the country - or the house, even - Trader Joe's Naan is the next best thing to a visit to the subcontinent - or your favorite Indian restaurant.  We've partnered with an Indian baker to create Naan that is traditional in every way - hand-stretched and baked in a clay tandoor oven - yet takes just minutes to heat and serve. 

With pizza being the "thing" in this Flyer, we'd be remiss if we neglected to mention that you can use it to make an Indian-inspired pizza in a flash!  Top it with Palak Paneer, bake for just a few minutes, and enjoy the authentic Indian flavors.  Of course, you can make a more traditional pizza, too.  Naan is ideal as a pizza base - make it as familiar or as "out there" as you like.  We're selling 12 ounce packages of Tandoori Naan, with four pieces per package, for $2.29, every day.  You'll find it in our freezers.


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