Some Enchanted Cracker

February 3rd—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

If crackers had theme songs, that Rogers & Hammerstein classic would be the note-perfect tune to represent Trader Joe's Some Enchanted Cracker.  You may not expect such greatness from a mere cracker; it may indeed seem like a stranger.  But one bite and you'll find your evening enchanted, for sure.

When you entertain, crackers are an absolute necessity.  You certainly wouldn't serve cheese without crackers.  If you're contemplating curbing calories, crackers make an excellent substitution for bread, and allow you to pile on healthy toppings in a (comparatively) small space.  Some Enchanted Crackers are big enough to hold cheeses, dips and all manner of creative cracker coverings.  Try egg salad or chicken salad, hummus or even deli meats and cheese.  Some Enchanted Crackers are hearty yet delicate, made for us with enriched and whole wheat flours and a variety of seeds  –-sesame, flax and poppy - that add nutty flavors and crafty crunch. 

We've shopped for crackers elsewhere, and we've been surprised at how expensive they can be.  At Trader Joe's, you can buy a 10 ounce box of Some Enchanted Crackers for the everyday price of $2.49 - proof that there might just be something truly enchanted about these crackers after all.

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