Lattemiele Cookies

February 3rd—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

These are deceptively simple cookies, traditional in their native Italy, yet not commonly seen here in the U.S.  Our buyers first came across them in a high end Italian boutique.  They liked everything about the cookies - except their high end price.  So we set out to find their maker, a premier Italian biscuit baker with more than 40 years of experience, located in the Piedmont region.  By going straight to the source, we were able to get exactly the right cookies, at exactly the right price.

Trader Giotto's Lattemiele Slightly Sweet Milk & Honey Cookies are delightfully crisp, delicately sweet biscuits made with fresh milk (Latte) and acacia honey (miele).  Unlike many American cookies, these are not overly sweet - thus, the "lightly" in their name.  They are, however, a showcase for the balance of honey's sweetness and milk's mellow creaminess, wrapped up in a crispy cookie.  Their shape makes them ideal for dunking - coffee, tea, Hot Cocoa, and they're creative carriers for nut butters and preserves.  Layer them into a trifle, or crumble them to make a classic cookie crumb crust. 

Lattemiele Cookies are packed into four, separately sealed sleeves of about 15 cookies each - this ensures the freshest, crispiest, most enjoyable cookies.  And no matter how you enjoy the cookies, you'll certainly enjoy our price of $2.49 for each 14.11 ounce package.

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