Italian Breadsticks with Olive Oil

February 3rd—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Perhaps you've read somewhere that Trader Joe's buyers travel the world in search of excellent values on great tasting foods and beverages.  Oh, right, you probably read that within the pages of the Fearless Flyer.  Well, it's true!  (Then again, we're habitual truth-tellers; so if you read it here, you can count on its veracity.)  One country we visit often is Italy - the reasons for those visits are found throughout our stores - and everywhere our buyers turn they encounter breadsticks.  Beautiful displays of breadsticks in bars, restaurants, food shows, hotels… And so they got to thinking…

The fruit of those delicious thoughts is Trader Giotto's Italian Breadsticks with Olive Oil, complete with Italian pedigree.  They're long, slender, crispy sticks crafted with a simple list of ingredients:  wheat flour, olive oil, yeast, malt, and salt.   They make sensational snacks, and are really designed to be dipped - serve them with an array of dips and let your guests decide.  Or wrap these Breadsticks in thinly sliced cheese or prosciutto to make appealing appetizers.  They come with the appealing price of $1.49 for each 3.5 ounce box of about 14 crunchy, Breadsticks with Olive Oil.  You'll find them in the cracker section of your neighborhood Trader Joe's.

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