Organic Brined Whole Chicken

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In theory, roasting a whole chicken is a simple enough venture.  You put the chicken in the oven, wait a while, and you have a roasted chicken.  Reality, though, is a bit more complex.  You want flavor. You want moist, tender meat.  And you want it to be easy.  Trader Joe's Organic Brined Whole Chicken gets you everything you want… well, everything you want in a chicken, anyway.

Our Organic Brined Whole Chicken is a whole organic chicken (without giblets) that's been brined in a mixture of salt, cane syrup and herbs like bay leaves and cloves.  Brining results in a significantly more moist and flavorful bird.  You could definitely do this at home, but you'd have to take the time to do it and you'd have to do it the night before - not only is this more work for you, it's also just another thing you need to remember.  Using Trader Joe's Organic Brined Whole Chicken, the only thing you have to remember to do is cook it - you definitely want to cook it.  (We do recommend rinsing the chicken before cooking.)

Roast this Organic Brined Whole Chicken in your oven with potatoes & carrots.  Or make it super simple and put it in your slow cooker (we recommend the "low" setting, and placing the brined bird on a bed of roughly chopped onions) in the morning.  You'll come home to a perfectly cooked chicken after work - and a house filled with savory aromas that make it feel like you've been cooking all day long.  We're selling these birds for $2.99 a pound, a terrific value for an organic, brined chicken.  You'll find them in our fresh meat case.


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