Organic Russet Potatoes

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Did you know that potatoes were originally cultivated by the Incas in Peru more than 2,000 years ago?  When Spanish explorers ventured around the world, potatoes were among the treasured New World crops they brought back with them.  Over the intervening centuries and through countless kitchens, potatoes have made their way into most of the world's cuisines. 

Trader Joe's Organic Russet Potatoes come not from Peru but from Colorado and Washington (and they're descended from a cultivar with roots in Central Europe), where they are cultivated according to strict organic regulations - meaning, among other things, that they're grown without the use of chemical pesticides.  Russets are among America's favorite potatoes, likely because their starch content makes them so good for both baking and mashing.  The Organic Russets you'll find in a five pound bag at Trader Joe's are a good size for baking, about 4-5 inches, and only about 100 calories each.  (Disclaimer: if you add loads of butter, sour cream and bacon to your potatoes, we cannot be held responsible for the ultimate calorie count.) 

You don't have to stick with baking and mashing your Organic Russet Potatoes, though.  You can grate them and make quick hash browns, purée them to thicken soups or slice them, toss in olive oil and bake to make healthy "fries".  We're selling each five pound bag for $3.99, a terrific value for organic spuds.


Seriously Stuffed Potatoes





Seriously Stuffed PotatoesGet the recipe!


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