Organic Pinto Beans

February 3rd—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

We're fans of beans - please see Melodious Blend for more on just how much we love these legumes.  We love how versatile they are; we love how nutritious they are.  And when it comes to Trader Joe's Organic Pinto Beans, we love how they now have significantly less sodium than they once did (just 140mg per serving) but have not lost any of their fresh flavor or firm texture.

These beans get their name, which means "painted", from the little splashes of reddish brown color that dot the beige beans.  When they're cooked, the colored patches disappear, and the beans magically morph from beige to pink.    They're staples in southwestern cuisine; they pair well with rice, hold up well in soup, and are a must in the best burritos. 

Our Organic Pinto Beans are USA grown and packed without any additives or artificial preservatives - the three ingredients in each can are organic pinto beans, water, and sea salt.  They're a good source of fiber (eight grams per serving) and protein (six grams per serving).  And they're available in our grocery aisle for a  really good price - we're selling each 15 ounce (10 ounces, drained weight) can for $1.19, every day.


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