Kung Pao Chicken

February 3rd—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Made just for us by a supplier whose cultural and culinary roots are steeped in Chinese tradition, Trader Ming's Kung Pao Chicken combines dark meat chicken with crunchy green & red bell peppers, onions, dried chili powder, water chestnuts and peanuts.  What makes Kung Pao so distinctive, though, is the sauce.  It's rich and savory and can range from mildly spicy to sound-the-alarm-and-grab-a-hose hot.  Ours falls in the medium-spicy range - the dish will taste substantially hotter if you actually eat the chili pieces, and a little less hot if you push the chilies to the side of the plate and treat them as a garnish.  This makes it easy to share among friends who fall on opposite sides of the spicy foods debate.

We recommend preparing our Kung Pao Chicken on the stovetop, but it can also be prepared in the microwave.  Serve it with our Organic White Basmati Rice and you'll have a complete meal that evokes the best traditions of Chinese cuisine, in your kitchen, in minutes.  We're selling each 23 ounce bag of Kung Pao Chicken for the terrific value price of $4.99, every day.  You'll find it in our freezers.

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