Shredded Parmesan

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Everybody has a favorite use for Parmesan cheese.  Some folks like it best on pasta; others find that it adds the perfect nutty finish to any good pizza.  No matter your favorite way to enjoy Parmesan, Trader Joe's Shredded Parmesan makes it easier, and significantly more convenient, to enjoy it anytime you like.

Our Shredded Parmesan is made with fresh, part-skim milk gathered daily from dairy farmers in Wisconsin.  The cheese is formed into wheels and aged in temperature and humidity controlled caves for ten months, carefully inspected and turned to ensure the best quality cheese.  It's a golden yellow cheese, with a buttery, nutty flavor, thinly shredded to about an inch long.  It's shredded and packed just for us, and because we sell lots of this cheese, you know it's always fresh.   Use it on pasta or pizza, in salads or atop a bowl of soup, sprinkle it on salads, or blend into burgers or scrambled eggs.  We're selling each 12 ounce, resealable bag, for $4.99, every day. (Note: The cheese makers use vegetable rennet in the cheese, so it's suitable for vegetarians.)


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