Double Cream Gouda

February 3rd—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Perhaps you've enjoyed a double cream Brie in your lifetime.  (If not, we heartily recommend doing so - it is truly one of life's pleasures.)  Doubling the amount of cream in a cheese increases the creaminess of both the texture and the flavor of the cheese, and in doing so, increases the pleasure associated with eating that cheese.  And why else does cheese exist, if not for pure pleasure?

Trader Joe's Double Cream Gouda is the Gouda equivalent of double cream Brie.  A creamier, silkier, richer version of the traditional mild Dutch cheese, it has a mellow profile and a smooth, buttery flavor that makes it enjoyable for snacking, in recipes and especially for entertaining.  Pair Double Cream Gouda with fresh fruit, slice it onto sandwiches, melt it into casseroles, make a very rich mac & cheese, or a gratin with our Cauliflower Florets

We're selling Double Cream Gouda in random weight pices for $7.99 a pound, a great price for this smooth, rich, creamy cheese, imported from Holland.

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