February 3rd—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

The story goes that in 1791, when revolutionary fervor was fully fueled in France, in the small Norman village of Camembert (that's cam-em-BEAR), a farmer was taught how to make cheese under the tutelage of a dissident priest from the Brie region.  And so Camembert was born.  While it still shared the same recipe as its cousin, Brie, its smaller size and terroir gave it a slightly stronger aroma and flavor.

Cut to present day, in the cheese case at your neighborhood Trader Joe's, where you'll finally find Camembert you can pick up any time of the year.  We've long offered an authentic Norman Camembert during the holidays, but only recently found a Camembert we could offer every day.  It's crafted in Wisconsin by French cheese makers who've found that the composition of the milk closely resembles that of the milk found in specific French regions… like Normandy.  Subsequently, they are able to make Camembert that really tastes like Camembert.  And that's great for us.  And you.

Utilizing traditional methods, along with innovations in cheese making technology, these Midwestern masters have carefully crafted this cheese with a characteristically soft, creamy interior, and thin, bloomy, edible rind, complete with Camembert's signature rich, earthy, mushroom-tinged flavor.  It's a complex cheese with a very simple price - $6.99 a pound, every day.  Only at your neighborhood Trader Joe's.

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