Bacon Cheddar Cheese

February 3rd—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

In days of yore, hungry devotees of Cheddar cheese and bacon were forced to deal with the indignity of shopping for and preparing these two staples (well, at least for us) separately.  Friends, you will suffer no longer, for Trader Joe's now has Bacon Cheddar Cheese in our cheese case, available whenever the craving may strike.

Trader Joess Bacon Cheddar Cheese is no ordinary bacon-infused cheese product - and yes, most of what you'll see elsewhere is really just that, a bacon-flavor infused, processed cheese product.  Ours begins with a high quality, hand-crafted, mildly sharp, creamy Cheddar from Buffalo, New York.  Rather than bacon flavor, we opted to go whole hog and had the cheese blended with our Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon.  What a difference!  It's delicious Cheddar combined with the best bacon we could find - no more separate shopping or settling for less than stellar. 

Cut a slice and enjoy Bacon Cheddar on a cracker or apple slice.  Top a burger, a baked potato, some broccoli, or a bowl of pasta.  Bake into biscuits or a quiche.  Wherever bacon and Cheddar make sense together (pretty much everywhere), Trader Joe's Bacon Cheddar Cheese is your sensible choice.  And we're offering it at the sensible price of $5.99 a pound, every day.

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