January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Traditional Italian panettone is as much a part of the holiday season at Trader Joe’s as Hawaiian shirts, chalkboard signs, and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels.  And as much as we like to upend some traditions (see Mini Panettone) this is one we're happy to keep intact. Not familiar with panettone?  It’s a sweet butter cake made with raisins and candied fruit and baked in a tall, recognizable cylindrical shape.  Its legendary origins go back several centuries to Milan, where its served either for breakfast or dessert at holiday celebrations as well as weddings and other family gatherings.

Trader Giotto's Panettone is an exceptionally moist cake that can take more than two days to rise and then ten more days to cool completely after baking.  It's crafted in Veneto, Italy, from a traditional family recipe, using real butter and plump, juicy raisins, with candied fruit studded throughout the cake.  Best of all, Trader Giotto's Panettone is a mere $4.99 for each 26.5 ounce cake. That's the same price we had way back in 2001.  Just think of it as a continuation of Trader Joe's tradition of offering terrific values, every day -- our gift to you during the holidays, and every day. 

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