Smoked Copper River Sockeye Salmon

January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

At just under 300 miles long, the Copper River doesn't present the longest spawning ground for salmon.  It does, however, present some stunning obstacles (raging rapids) for salmon.  Overcoming those obstacles causes the fish to build up extra stores of fat, and that extra fat is an excellent source of healthful Omega-3 fatty acids.  Until the early 1980's, salmon from Alaska's Copper River was primarily sold to canneries, and became, accordingly, canned salmon.  An enterprising entrepreneur convinced some Copper River fishermen that if they handled their fish more delicately, preserving the freshness and the fish's natural oils, they'd find their fish in much higher demand.  Flash forward to 2013, and that entrepreneur has been proven correct -- Copper River Sockeye is among the world's most sought-after salmon.

Given this information, you can understand that Trader Joe's Smoked Copper River Sockeye Salmon is no ordinary smoked salmon.  It begins with fresh, wild-caught salmon that's filleted and deboned.  The fish is brined in salt and then cold smoked with apple wood chips that impart a mild and fruity flavor to the salmon.  While the river wasn't named for the sockeye salmon that make their home there, these fish do feature a rich, almost-copper-colored flesh that makes the river's name fabulously fortuitous. 

Serve our Smoked Copper River Sockeye Salmon anywhere you'd serve smoked salmon -- it's delicious on its own, and on everything from bagels to pizza.  It's a very special fish, and quantities are limited.  We're selling each six ounce package for $9.99, a terrific value for this prized salmon.

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