Italian & Spanish Combo Packs

January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

In Italian, cured meats are called salumi.  In Spanish, the word is salame.  The words are similar, yet the styles in which the meats are cured and presented are very distinct.  Trader Joe's has "sampler" packs of both Italian and Spanish cured meats, both of which will make an impression on a holiday meat/cheese/olive platter.

Daniele Gourmet Italian Combo Pack includes equal amounts of Calabrese Salame, a well-spiced, richly-flavored, coarse-ground salami whose flavor and texture have made it among the world's most prized salami; Capocollo, lean and dry-cured for three months to produce the signature robust flavor; and Prosciutto, delicate yet incredibly flavorful, aged about a year.  Daniele Gourmet Spanish Combo Pack includes equal amounts of Salchichón Salame, a subtly smoky and smooth-tasting salami made with white wine; Del Duca Jamón Serrano, a Spanish-style ham that's dry-cured for a minimum of seven months; and Chorizo Cantimpalo, lean and coarsely ground sausage that gets its smoky-spiced flavor from Spanish paprika.

We're selling each of these Combo Packs in six ounce packages (two ounces of each variety in each pack) for $4.99.  They're delicious, affordable packages that make it easy to add a wide variety of flavors and textures to your appetizer offerings.


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