January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

When you see bunches of Hypericum at Trader Joe's, you may be tempted to taste them.  Their berries look that juicy and inviting.   Please don't eat them.  They're not edible.  And really, that's a good thing, because allowing the pods to just "be", enjoying their inherent beauty, will bring you significantly more joy than you'd get from eating them. 

Trader Joe's Hypericum come in bunches of three stems loaded with festive berries.  Each bunch will have berries of a single color; we have a variety of colors available in our stores.  At only $1.99 per bunch, you might buy bunches of a number of different colors and display them wherever your house needs a bit of festive uplift.  Just remember to recut their stems when you get home, and change their water regularly, and you'll be rewarded with vase life of anywhere between five and eight days.

Our price of $1.99 a bunch?  That makes us want to sing!  "Deck the halls with stems of Hypericum, fa la la la la, they’re such a deal!"  (Trust us when we say you're lucky you're reading this, not listening to it.)

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