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January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

When the weather has cooled and winter is on the horizon, the thought of freshly blooming flowers in your house may seem impossible.  Trader Joe's is here to make the impossible not only possible, but simple and affordable, too.  We have two bulb kits, Amaryllis Bulb Kit, and Paperwhite Bulb Kit, that come with nearly everything you need to grow beautiful flowers in your home -- even if winter has already walked in your door.

Amaryllis, which translates from Greek to "sparkling", is a bright and vivacious flower that we have in three different colors -- red, white, and bicolor (red & white).  Each kit contains one bulb that will grow tall, beautiful Amaryllis stems with three or more flowers per stem -- the color is indicated on the box.  When you follow the instructions on the box, the flowers should bloom in about 6-10 weeks.  Paperwhites, white flowers that are members of the Narcissus family, are native to Mediterranean Europe, Asia, and North Africa, and get their name from papyrus, due to their fine, paper-like texture.  These bulbs will bloom a bit sooner, in about 3-5 weeks.  They're the gifts that keep on giving!

Our Bulb Kits include bulbs, containers, planting mix, and instructions.  Just add water and watch them grow!  We're selling Trader Joe's Amaryllis Bulb Kit for $5.99 and Paperwhite Bulb Kit for $4.99.  These are phenomenal prices on Bulb Kits that make great gifts for holidays or birthdays, and are a great way to say "You're Fabulous" any day at all.  You'll find them in our plant & flower section.

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