Onion Dip Mix

January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Onion Dip is as American as apple pie. Seriously. It surged into the party scene around the 1950s, when sour cream first became a staple on store shelves. An unknown individual, purportedly from California, combined a packet of dried onion soup mix with sour cream, and like magic, the easy-to-make dip concept caught on like rock n' roll, shaking up platters of crudités and bowls of potato chips across the country!

Around the holidays, the requests for this entertaining classic have been pouring in through our customers and crew. We knew there was only one thing to do: we crafted a quintessentially Trader Joe's Onion Dip Mix. Working with spice specialists in California, we combine dried onion and toasted onion, making a mix that promises an invitingly pungent onion bite. Measured amounts of sugar, salt, garlic and black pepper are added to round out the mix. It was presented to our tasting panel in the traditional preparation: combined with Trader Joe's Sour Cream.  (It’' also delicious blended with plain Greek yogurt.)  Scooping up mouthfuls on chips and veggies and spoons, the panel was simply delighted.  In fact, they decided it would serve our customers well beyond the holidays, too, and had potential for other creative culinary applications, like sprinkled over buttered bread and broiled or mixed into meatloaf for added depth and flavor…

Trader Joe's Onion Dip Mix is destined to be a retro-classic, especially at our retro price of 99¢ for each 1.13 ounce package (makes 2 cups of party dip).  You'll find it on our grocery shelves.

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