Fig Butter

January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

The success of our Pumpkin Butter (only available in Pumpkin Season) led us to ponder the relative butter potential of other fabulous fruits.  Distinct from jams due to their preponderance of fruit (they must have at least five parts fruit to two parts sweetener), fruit butters are thicker, with bigger, bolder, more concentrated fruit flavor.  With so many fruit options from which to choose, it was tough to narrow things down -- ultimately, we decided that figs would be our best fruit forward.   

Since introducing Trader Joe's Fig Butter in 2011, we've used about 23 million figs to produce almost two million jars of this signature spread.  According to our quick calculation, that's about 11-12 figs in every jar -- that explains the rich, figgy flavor.  While those numbers suggest it's always a good time to enjoy Fig Butter, we think the holidays are the very best time.  Why?  One word:  cheese.

Trader Joe's Fig Butter is a flawless mate to all kinds of cheeses.  Because it's smooth, sweet, and nutty, it complements tangy cheeses like Blue Stilton, nutty cheeses like Swiss Gruyère, and fruity cheeses like Murcia al Vino.  With our Brioche Toasts or Cracker Assortment, a selection of your favorite cheeses, and a ramekin of Fig Butter, you're well on your way to the perfect cheese platter. 

We're selling each 11 ounce jar of Trader Joe's Fig Butter for $2.29 -- that great price might have something to do with 2,000,000 jars of this stuff moving from our store shelves to your pantry shelves.


Fig Toscano Biscuits





Fig Toscano BiscuitsGet the recipe!


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