Joyful Trek Mix

January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

If you're looking for a holiday gift that says, "Gee, you're keen", or perhaps, "I am so lucky to know you", or even, "I know you like canisters; so do I", then Trader Joe's Joyful Trek Mix has you covered.  This is a colorful mix of roasted California almonds and pistachios, with tart-sweet Greek yogurt flavored chips, red & green chocolate buttons, and tangy dried cranberries -- just listing the ingredients makes us joyful.

We could have packaged this mix in a bag, but we really thought it deserved the canister treatment, because A Joyful Trek Mix was born to be a gift, and really, canisters are so much more gifty.  Whether you wrap it in a bow (we've included a bow on the package design, so it's already dressed up a bit), add it to a basket, or just present it to your special someone when the front door opens, A Joyful Trek Mix will make a joyful impression on both the gift-ee and the gift-er.  Almonds and pistachios are virtually irresistible, Greek yogurt flavored chips bring a smooth-sweet-tart element to the mix, the chocolate buttons are, well, chocolate, and the dried cranberries lend not just their deep red color, but a chewy-sweet-tart component that creatively completes the combination.

We're selling A Joyful Trek Mix in a 14 ounce canister for $4.99, a joy-inducing price for this joy-provoking mix.  Is that a joyful noise we hear?


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