4 Imported Fruit Preserves and Marmalade

January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

A European company, renowned for its jams & jellies, crafts Trader Joe's 4 Imported Fruit Preserves and Marmalade just for us in Belgium.  Its pedigree is so impressive, actually, that you might expect it to come with a high price.  Yet this is a gift pack that's so well-priced, you'll want to buy several for yourself while you're making your list of other folks who'd appreciate the sweet, flavorful, fruit--illed preserves and marmalade inside.  (And really, who doesn't appreciate preserves and marmalade?)

We first introduced this collection during the 2011 holiday season, to great success.  This year, we changed up the packaging a bit -- it's stacked two-high in a box this year, where last year it was one long row of jars in a box.  The new package makes the set easier to wrap, easier to place in a gift basket, and easier to store in your pantry.  What we didn't change is what's inside the jars.  The three different preserves (Apricot, Raspberry, and Strawberry) each contain 50% fruit, and the Orange Marmalade is 30% fruit.  They're all made with real sugar and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.  If you made preserves at home and packaged the jars as gifts, they'd look something like this.  You'd spend quite a bit more money per jar, though, if you made them at home. 

Our price of $4.99 for each box of 4 Imported Fruit Preserves and Marmalade may just be the value of the holiday season.  Get them while you can, because when they're gone, they won't be back until the holidays sneak up on us again next year.


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