Swiss Gruyère

January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Gruyère cheese has been produced since the year 1115 in the area surrounding the Swiss village of Gruyère.  Trader Joe's Swiss Gruyère is made there, using traditional methods, with fresh milk from local dairies.  

One of the defining characteristics of Gruyère is its sweet, creamy, nutty flavor -- our Swiss Gruyère lives up to that expectation.  Crafted in 70 pound wheels (for which 100 gallons of milk are used), the cheese matures at the dairies for two to three months before it's transported to sandstone caves, where it rests at constant temperature (55.4ºF) and humidity (96%) for several more months to complete its affinage (maturation).  The extended cave-aging imparts a depth of flavor and richness to the cheese.

TJ's Swiss Gruyère is a classic holiday cheese, at home on a first-course cheese board or as part of an end-of-meal cheese course with port.  It's also an excellent melting cheese, adding appeal to gratins and sauces.  And of course, it's world-famous as the star ingredient of a traditional Swiss fondue.  Our price of $11.99 a pound is an excellent value for this extraordinary cheese.


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