Slicing Brie Cheese

January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Okay, well, it more or less is sliced Brie.  Once you slice it, anyway.  Allow us to explain.  Trader Joe’s Slicing Brie Cheese is double cream Brie that’s crafted according to traditional methods, with one major difference:  it’s square-ish -- or rectangle-ish, depending on who you talk to.  One thing's for certain; it's not round.  This hand-crafted, artisan-produced cheese is made for us in Wisconsin, using fresh milk and cream from local farms along the shores of Lake Michigan.  While most Brie is made in the shape of a wheel, our Slicing Brie is simply made in the shape of a square-ish log—this explains the square vs. rectangle debate, as the width is close to square, but the length, at about 10 inches, definitely makes it rectangular.  We thought about calling it Brie2, but thought the geometrically-inclined folks might call us out on that, so we went with Slicing Brie. (We promise not to make it trapezoidal at any time, thus winding-up your need for fromage-related geometry right here.)

The shape of our Slicing Brie has no effect on its flavor or quality.  In fact, we think the ratio of smooth, mellow cheese to bloomy, white rind is even more enjoyable than in the traditional format, making this one of the most gratifying Brie experiences we've had.  Add a square-ish cracker to the mix (our Cracker Assortment can help here once again) and Trader Joe’' Slicing Brie Cheese is a sure success.  Factor in our stellar price of $6.99 for each 16 ounce piece, and the winnings just keep multiplying. (First geometry; now multiplication!  Mathematical madness, this holiday season, at your neighborhood Trader Joe's!)

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