Sipping Chocolate

January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

This rich, deep, dark chocolate was inspired by the hot chocolate drinks we've enjoyed in European cafes.  The memories of relaxing in an outdoor café, wrapped in a long wool coat and warm scarf, sipping velvety-smooth warm chocolate from a demitasse cup are almost as vivid as the flavors themselves.  Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate was created with just that in mind: sipping.  Its chocolate flavors are so deep and rich that it really does invite you to savor every drop. 

This is grown-up hot chocolate, and we recommend enjoying it often.  We've found that enjoyment is exacerbated when the powder is mixed with milk in place of water -- it tastes that much more creamy and indulgent.  Indulge in a cup any time you need an excuse to relax, because we promise that relaxation will increase with every sip.  We also firmly believe that a dollop of whipped cream will make the experience even more relaxing.  We're selling each nine ounce tin of Relaxation in a Tin, aka Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate, for the very relaxing price of $3.99.

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