100% Pure Florida Orange

January 8th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

There's quite a bit of attention paid to assembling holiday meals.  Most of those meals, however, are not breakfast.  Even in this Fearless Flyer Holiday Guide, we've presented abundant options for dinner, many of which can be enjoyed for lunch, as well.  We haven't spent any time on holiday breakfast.  Until now.  And we think that meal should include Trader Joe's 100% Pure Florida Orange Juice.

Trader Joe's 100% Pure Florida Orange Juice (No Pulp) is made with 100% Florida oranges -- much of the orange juice you'll see on other store shelves is a blend of juices from Brazil, Mexico and other states in the U.S.  Those juices are just fine, but we've found Florida oranges to be naturally sweeter than pretty much any other oranges, and there's nothing like the naturally sweet flavor of a cold glass of O.J.  Also unlike many other orange juice options, this one is made with freshly squeezed oranges, not from concentrate.

Serve a glass of this naturally sweet citrus juice alongside our Chocolate Cranberry Rolls -- these make a swell breakfast treat, especially when lightly toasted and slathered with butter.  Its sweetness complements our Triple Berry Oatmeal with Chia Seeds, and tastes great with leftover Spiral Cut Ham.

            When you buy your 100% Pure Florida Orange Juice at Trader Joe's, though, you can count on more than simply great-tasting juice.  You can count on a great value, every day, which comes in particularly handy during the holiday season.  We're selling each half gallon (64 ounces) carton for $2.99, a truly excellent value. No coupons, no keeping track of sales, and no club card required; it's just our honest value on some honestly delicious Orange Juice, every day.

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