All Natural Turkeys

all natural turkeysNovember 12th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

If you are in the "it's-not-Thanksgiving-unless-I'm-elbow-deep-in-the-cooking" camp, then we are on your side. Starting with the paramount holiday poultry: your turkey. For almost a decade now, our birds have been headlining on Thanksgiving tables across the country, and here is why:

We only offer the highest quality hens that are raised for us by experienced turkey farmers in California, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. We ensure that they get a diet of 100% vegetarian feed and are "All Natural," which for us means that they are minimally processed and NEVER receive antibiotics or added growth hormones. What's more, our fresh turkeys come either brined or are salted as part of the koshering process to ensure that they remain moist and juicy, no matter how you cook them.

Since we really are on your side, we don't pile on premiums for exceptional attributes. Starting November 16th, we're bringing in Trader Joe's Brined, Fresh, Young, All Natural Turkeys (12-22 pound birds) for $1.99 per pound, and Glatt Kosher, Fresh, Young, All Natural Turkeys (12-16 pound birds) for $2.49 per pound.


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