Walnut Halves & Pieces

Walnut Halves & Pieces

October 7th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.


As you may expect from the headline, inside the bag is a mixture of halves and pieces of raw California walnuts.  That's it.  As the weather starts to cool and ovens across America get switched on (perhaps for the first time in months), it's always a good idea to have walnuts at the ready.  Trader Joe's California Walnut Halves & Pieces are a good size for use in all kinds of cooking -- the pieces are substantial, but not too large.  A staple in cookies, brownies, quick breads and cakes, walnuts add good crunch and distinctive flavor to your baked goods.  We like them blended with our Pumpkin Bread Mix.  These are also delicious in stir frys, salads, and smoothies. 

In some cultures, walnuts have long been considered "brain food," because their shape resembles that of the human brain.  Modern science tells us that there may be something deeper to this "brain food" thing.  Studies have shown that walnuts may help with everything from heart health and diabetes to, yes, brain health.  

We're selling California Walnut Halves & Pieces in a 16 ounce bag for $7.49.  You'll find them in our nut & dried fruit section.

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