Speculoos Cookies

Speculoos CookiesPerhaps you've heard of a food phenomenon called Cookie Butter.  Perhaps you've wondered from whence the eponymous butter is derived.  Wonder no more, for Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookies are herein revealed to be the source.  Now, if you've looked closely at the Cookie Butter jar, this might not come as a surprise, since it does actually say "Speculoos" on the label.  But if you’re like we are, chances are it was the "Cookie" that hooked you, and after that, who really needs to look at the label? 

Speculoos Cookies are classic European caramelized cookies, thin and crispy with a cinnamon-y, almost gingerbread-y flavor.  Their oblong shape and thin profile makes them ideal companions for coffee and tea.  It also makes them easy to dunk; to dunk or not is a personal decision we'll leave to you, though we will advise in the affirmative simply because it's so satisfying!  Of course, dunking is just one suggestion; branch out if you like. Crumble Speculoos Cookies atop ice cream or layer them in a yogurt or pudding parfait.  You could also pull them straight from the package and eat them on their own, no accompanying beverage or dessert required.  You could even dip them into Cookie Butter.  We've done that.  It's good.

We're selling each seven ounce package of Speculoos Cookies for $1.99, an excellent price on some very special cookies.

Salted Caramel & Speculoos Milkshake





Salted Caramel & Speculoos MilkshakeGet the recipe!


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