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Gala Apples

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The New Zealand fruit growers who first developed the Gala Apple back in the 1920's must have really loved this Orange Pippin/Golden Delicious hybrid.  After all, they gave it a name that pretty much insisted on celebrating with every bite.  The celebration reached the U.S. in the 1980's, and since then, Gala Apples have grown in popularity to become one of the most widely cultivated apples in the world.  Our just-harvested, fresh crop Galas hail from the great state of Washington.

Trader Joe's Gala Apples are heart-shaped fruit with distinctively colored skin -- they tend to be yellow-orange with red striping, though you will find some that are more uniformly red.  They're among the softer-eating apples, yet still crisp, making them good snacks both sliced and eaten the more traditional way, right out of your hand.  They're excellent for baking (did someone say pie?), delicious in salads -- they bring with them a sweetness and crunch that's a great companion to greens and Walnut Halves and Pieces -- and super sautéed with sausages.  They also make superlatively sweet applesauce, and like all apples, Gala Apples are good for you; among other things, each apple has only about 80 calories, while providing 20% of the daily value of dietary fiber.

The ancient Greeks held that if a man tossed an apple to a woman, he was proposing marriage.  If she caught the apple, that signaled her acceptance.  We've heard of flirting in the produce department, but we'll stick to celebrating the sweet flavor, crisp texture, and excellent price of 69 cents for each good-sized, freshly harvested Gala.  You'll find them in our fresh produce section.

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