Korean Kimchi

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Once a thoroughly exotic and often misunderstood condiment, kimchi (sometimes spelled kimchee) can now be found on menus (and from food trucks) all around the country. And despite its international pedigree, it's really a very simple dish - salted, fermented napa cabbage, leeks, and garlic, with a good amount of chilies for just the right amount of spice. Kimchi is often known as Korea's national dish, and the Korean company that makes Trader Joe's Korean Napa Cabbage Kimchi has perfected the art of preservative-free kimchi - much like you'd make if you had the time and expertise to make it at home.

You can serve Trader Joe’' Kimchi as a side dish with just about any entrée to give your meal a little spice. You can also mix it in with fried rice, or add it to scrambled eggs. You might even add it to a hot dog instead of the more traditional sauerkraut - we're all about redefining traditions here at Trader Joe's. Look for Kimchi in our refrigerated case, where each 10.6 ounce pouch is a mere $1.99, every day.

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