Sorrento Salad

Sorrento SaladAugust 19, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.


Trader Joe's Sorrento Salad is a flavorful blend of baby spinach, baby arugula and baby lettuces, all harvested in the wee, baby hours of the morning. Don't be fooled, though - this is not baby food. Sure you could steam it, purée it and feed it to a baby. Not our recommendation. Why? Because then you'd miss out on the leafy textures and richness of flavor that these greens provide.

Seriously, the greens in our Sorrento Salad make a solid base for any number of salad creations, and you don't have to wash, separate or prep them in any way. Just pour them from the bag and add whatever makes you happy. Nuts, dried fruit, cheese… You can even leave the greens bare, save for your favorite dressing - we recommend our  Goddess Dressing  - the versatility here is unmistakable. We're selling each five ounce bag of Sorrento Salad for $1.99, every day, an unmistakable value, and the same price we've had for more than seven years. You'll find it in our refrigerated produce section.

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