Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs

Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs

June 10, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.


Sure, it's not difficult to boil an egg, but it does take some time and forethought if you're planning to use those eggs in a recipe. These may just qualify as the ultimate in convenience foods. Craving a little protein boost? Grab an egg. Sudden desire for a chef's or Cobb salad? Grab an egg. Can't go another minute without freshly made egg salad? Grab an egg — a perfectly cooked egg, already cooled and ready to enjoy. Each resealable pouch contains six Fresh Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs for $2.49*. You'll find them in our egg case, of course.



*Ounces, price and availability may vary by region. Currently Trader Joe's Fresh Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs are $2.69 in our West Coast and Texas stores and $2.49 in our East Coast, Midwest and Southeast stores. 

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