Pilaf, Pillar of Civilization

May 2, 2011 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

What we commonly call rice pilaf likely originated somewhere in the vicinity of Macedonia in the mid-4th century.  (There are references to palau (a translation of pilaf) in histories of Alexander the Great.)  Over the centuries, many of the cuisines of the region have adopted pilaf-like dishes and made them their own.  In each food culture, the basics remain the same – rice cooked with a seasoned broth.  Trader Joe's Rice Orzo Pilaf Mix puts our subtle spin on this classic dish.


Our Rice Orzo Pilaf Mix is made with American-grown rice and oven-toasted orzo pasta crafted from durum semolina wheat.  Orzo has a shape similar to a grain of rice, with a distinctly chewy texture that's a terrific counterpart to the fluffy rice. The rice and pasta are seasoned with chicken stock and spices, so all you need to do is add water & butter and simmer for about 20 minutes to achieve pilafian perfection of historical proportions in the privacy of your kitchen.  Serve it with chicken, fish, pork or a burger, fresh off the grill.  We've matched it with a perfect price – just $1.99 for each seven ounce box.  You'll find TJ’s Rice Orzo Pilaf Mix in our grocery aisle.

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