Organic Free Range Chicken Drumsticks

April 29, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.Organic Free Range Chicken Drumsticks

Just $1.99 a Pound!

We don't think you should have to buy in bulk or join a club just to get a great value. And that goes for everything in our stores, including organics. So when you pick up a package of Trader Joe's Organic Free Range Chicken Drumsticks, you'll find not only the highest quality organic chicken, but also a manageable size package (about a pound and a quarter — around 4-5 drumsticks per package) and the terrific everyday price of $1.99 a pound.

These chickens were raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics, fed an organic, vegetarian diet of corn and soybeans, and given plenty of open access to the outdoors. They cook up moist and tender, whether prepared on the grill, in the oven or battered and fried — that sounds quite fabulous right about now (and yes, it is lunchtime as we write). 

Our price of $1.99 a pound is a terrific value, and one we've held for several years. And because you don't have to buy in bulk to get that price, you can walk away with what you need for today, at a fantastic price, without being stuck with enough to feed the whole neighborhood. If you do want enough to feed the neighborhood? We're good with that. And we’ll be happy to help you carry it all out to your car.

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