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Organic PolentaApril 29, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

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Polenta is known as a traditional, Italian cornmeal dish, yet did you know that until corn arrived in Italy from the New World, polenta was made with other starches, like faro, millet, chickpeas, and even chestnut flour? In the end, corn won out, and now, depending on the region, polenta can have the consistency of everything from cornmeal "mush" to that of a firm cornbread. We're fans of all styles of polenta, and are particularly fond of the flavor and firm texture of the Organic Polenta that bears our name. 

In typical Trader Joe's fashion, Trader Joe's Organic Polenta has a world-wise pedigree. The Washington-state-based company that makes it for us has family roots in Italy. They are also the pioneers of ready-to-eat polenta. Rather than stirring and waiting, stirring and waiting, you can have fresh-tasting polenta in minutes. Just slice it into rounds and bake or pan sauté for best results. (If you’re really careful, you can even grill the rounds.) Polenta can be topped with tomato sauce, grated cheese, basil & pine nuts or whatever suits your mood. It's a terrific side dish with chicken, beef or your favorite mild fish. It also adds an interesting twist to otherwise traditional Eggs Benedict — whether you use it to replace the English muffin or the Canadian bacon is entirely up to you. 

Trader Joe's Organic Polenta comes in an 18 ounce tube and never needs refrigeration before opening. It's completely cooked — just heat before serving. We're selling each tube for $1.99, a wonderful price, every day. You'll find it on our grocery shelves.

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